Yes, i know your neighbour’s son just got admission into IIT, your sister-in-law’s wedding attire was hugely expensive (no wonder it was eye-prickingly lustrous), your colleague just paid off all the EMIs of his luxury car ( when you couldn’t manage to buy one), your so-called exs’ have settled down with their ‘fifth’ girlfriend (when you are still lamenting over the futile and spurious memories), and the list goes on. Why do we always tend to dwindle down into hell by just imagining the ‘worse’ is already happening. Life has given many reasons to smile if we can just recollect the virtues imbibed in us since childhood.
Things will happen righteously, if not precisely the way we thought!
Things do happen miraculously, only if we express gratification!
Things do not happen at once, but at the right time in the most superlative manner, only if we pause!
Even God doesn’t hurriedly give rewards for he knows the span of growth is indispensable for humans. Take a pause. Breath. Enjoy. Celebrate the moment. For who knows what unfolds tomorrow!


Grow up- Damn! You are a girl :O

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When the human race came into being, no one did ever imagine how heedful the way of life is going to be for the females. Don’t turn into a finicky individual, be cautious of how you sit, talk, walk, laugh or don’t be excessively indulged into anything (that of course includes the count of female friends). Show good manners- no tight-fitted garments, getting up early at 6, heading to temple, greeting with a bang on smile, flair for authentic cooking, the so-called arrange marriages (with undoubtedly enticing, hefty dowry).

Follow rules, win the title of a dutiful daughter-in-law, bringing up babies, living up till the very end with a consummate show. Girls are the stalwarts of a family, a society, a nation and the universe. Cognitively blessed and powerhouse of courage, compassion and wisdom.

Being grown up just takes a humble heart to embrace it all, a WOMAN’S heart..!!!