Grow up- Damn! You are a girl :O

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When the human race came into being, no one did ever imagine how heedful the way of life is going to be for the females. Don’t turn into a finicky individual, be cautious of how you sit, talk, walk, laugh or don’t be excessively indulged into anything (that of course includes the count of female friends). Show good manners- no tight-fitted garments, getting up early at 6, heading to temple, greeting with a bang on smile, flair for authentic cooking, the so-called arrange marriages (with undoubtedly enticing, hefty dowry).

Follow rules, win the title of a dutiful daughter-in-law, bringing up babies, living up till the very end with a consummate show. Girls are the stalwarts of a family, a society, a nation and the universe. Cognitively blessed and powerhouse of courage, compassion and wisdom.

Being grown up just takes a humble heart to embrace it all, a WOMAN’S heart..!!!


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